AD: 12/06/23 CD: 14/06/23 PD: 29/06/23

  • Interview: The Commanding General of the Eurocorps LTG Devogelaere
  • Counter Drone Systems
  • Personal Equipment and Clothing of Soldiers (Part 2) The „new“ 10th Armoured Division
  • The Bundeswehr Medical Service 2031+ 
  • NATO Exercise “Amber Lynx 23”
  • Interview: BG Jochen Deuer, DCoS Ops Eurocorps: Experiences from the Mission in Mali 
  • Interview: The Commander of the Field Army MG Harald Gante: The Reorganisation of the Field Army
  • Exercise VJTF Wettiner Heide
  • Medium-Weight Forces of the Army
  • The Subordination of the Dutch 13th Light Brigade to the 10th Armoured Division
  • Military Police within the Framework of Collective Defence
  • Opportunities and Risks of Military Police Support in Future Conflicts
  • 3D Printing 
  • The Central Military Transport Centre
  • Interview: The Commander Air Operations Centre and Executive Director Joint Air Power Competence Centre in Kalkar LG Poschwatta
  • The Personnel Situation of the Military Branch Air Force 
  • Reports on the AFCEA Convention, the Paris Air Show 2023 and the Air Defender 2023
  • The Christening Ceremony of the corvette “Emden“
  • Digitisation in the Navy

AD: 22/05/23 CD: 26/05/23 PD: 15/06/23

10/11 May AFCEA Convention

Interview with the Chief of the Cyber and Information Domain Service

AD: 08/08/23 CD: 10/08/23 PD: 24/08/23

  • News from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support
  • Interview with Surgeon General Dr Ulrich Baumgärtner, Chief of the Medical Service
  • Digitisation and Operational Reality: Training in the Medical Service
  • Preview of DWT Logistics Conference in Erfurt
  • Competence Centre in Garlstedt: A Portrait of the Bundeswehr Logistics School
  • Commercial Vehicles as High Value Capability
  • The Framework Nations Concept in Practice
  • Preview of the DWT Maritime Workshop in Linstow
  • 175 Years of the German Navy
  • News from the WTD 71
  • Naval Logistics
  • MGCS – Status Update
  • The History of the Tank
  • Interview with the Head of the Tank Museum: What is the Future of Tanks?
  • War-wise: The Tank Brigade 12 “Oberpfalz”
  • A Portrait of the Electronic Warfare Battalion 932
  • New Equipment for the Special Operations Forces
  • CBRN-Defence in the Bundeswehr in Service

AD: 04/10/23 CD: 06/10/23 PD: 25/10/23

  • Interview with the Chief of Army Lieutenant General Alfons Mais
  • The Armoured Engineer Battalion 803
  • Trends in Small Arms and Stock Rifles
  • The “New” Light Forces of the Army
  • The Airborne Troops and their Vehicles: Airborne Brigade 1
  • Interview with the Commander of the Fleet Vice Admiral Frank Lenski
  • Reports from the DWT Maritime Workshop
  • Reports from the DWT Bundeswehr Logistics Forum
  • The Logistics Battalion 467
  • The Space Command of the Bundeswehr
  • Stage of Development of the Future Combat Air System
  • Operational Experience with the C-130
  • Digitisation and Operational Reality
  • The Rescue Chain
  • News from the FHR: Protecting Real Estate from a Scientific Perspective + Interview Fraunhofer

AD: 27/11/23 CD: 28/11/23 PD: 13/12/23

  • Interview with the Chief of the Joint Support and Enabling Service Lieutenant General Martin Schelleis
  • CBRN Defence: Mobile Infrastructure and Common Standards
  • Presented: CBRN Defence Battalion 7
  • The Special Engineer Regiment 164 “Nordfriesland”
  • The New Army Medium-Weight Forces
  • Simulation and Training
  • Vehicles of the Medical Service
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
  • Use of Drones in the Bundeswehr
  • The Bundeswehr Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants in Erding
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