Editorial Deadline: 1 July 2022 – Advertising Deadline: 1 July 2022 – Publishing Date: 28 July 2022

  • Report from the ILA
  • From the ILA 2022 in Berlin: News on the fighter aircraft of the future (FCAS)
  • The National Test and Development Centre Eurofighter at the Manching/Neuburg site
  • Supply Chain Management in the Air Force
  • Report from the International Helicopter Forum
  • H 145M - Tests with the ROSY fog projector system
  • Implications of climate change for the Bundeswehr and for mission planning
  • dtec.bw Focus "Aviation Technology in Defence Applications
  • Optimisation of the coverage of personnel requirements in the aviation service
  • Report from EUROSATORY
  • Reorganization process PzPiBtl 130 in DEU/GBR PiBrBtl 130 - future tasks and challenges
  • Medium/Wheel-Mobile Forces - Current Status/Prospects
  • Unmanned Systems for the Bundeswehr
  • Preliminary reporting on the 24th DWT Naval Workshop
  • Sea mine defence in the navy
  • Cooperation of the German Navy with Norway
  • Presentation of the Naval Arsenal
  • SERA - Germany as Host-Nation April 2022 (Session Européenne des Responsables d`Armement)
  • KdoFJg: Special armament of the German Military Police
  • Civil - Military Cooperation - A Status Report

Editorial Deadline:  5 October 2022 – Advertising Deadline: 7 October 2022 – Publishing Date: 27 October 2022

  •  Interview with the Chief of Staff of the German Army
  • Interview with the Chief of Staff of the German Army
  • Deputy Chief of Air Staff: Pulling together - how several departments exercise together for safety in German airspace
  • Interview with Commander Multinational Operational Command
  • Report on HQ Allied Air Command, Ramstein
  • News from WTD 61: testing of military airdrop systems
  • Delivery of NH90 TTH to the German Army completed
  • Topic from the area of ground-based air defence
  • WIS Munster awarded for the fifth time
  • dtec.bw focus on "Mobility of the Future"
  • Digital transformation - innovation projects in fixed logistics facilities
  • Together for the future - German Aerospace Center (DLR) – German Air Force cooperation
  • Perception of the dimensional responsibility air and space in military intelligence
  • Looking ahead: Development of an Air Combat Cloud
  • Defense Cloud Bundeswehr from the Army's point of view
  • New methods of training under pandemic conditions
  • Report on the 24th DWT Naval Workshop
  • The Role of the Navy for Security and Stability in the Baltic Sea Region - Interview with Commander Operational Flotilla 1
  • Special and specialised forces of the navy

Editorial Deadline: 25 November 2022 – Advertising Deadline: 29 November 2022 – Publishing Date:  14 December 2022

  •  Interview with the Chief of Air Staff
  • Participation of the Joint Support and Enabling Command in Ulm in the
  • NATO exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2022 in Ulm in September and October 2022
  • Kraftfahrwesen der Bundeswehr - The approval of (partially) autonomous military land vehicles
  • Active, passive, reactive - protection solutions for Bundeswehr vehicles
  • Multi Domain Operations - Digitalisation and Mission Tactics
  • The ECM self-protection systems for combat aircraft
  • dtec.bw focus on "3D printing"
  • A400M - lessons learned from operations. Was the aircraft able to convince of its capabilities?
  • KdoSKB IKom: Role in the NRF / VJTF
  • Light/Airmobile Forces - Capabilities and requirements
  • Interview with the Commander Logistical Command Bundeswehr (LogKdoBw)
  • German Maritime Forces (DEU MARFOR) - On course for the fourth year...
  • (Review, experiences so far, look into the future, etc.)
  • Pre-reporting AFCEA trade exhibition 2023
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