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Editorial Deadline: 27 May 2021 / Advertising Deadline: 04 June 2021 / Publishing Date: 24 June 2021


  • Interview with the Inspector CIR - Four years of Cyber and Information Domain Service -
    Where do we stand? Where do we want to go?
  • Interview/reporting on current focal points of the Hensoldt company
  • Cornerstones for the Bundeswehr of the future
  • Decision on the procurement of the Heavy Transport Helicopter
  • News from the Berlin Security Conference
  • The Armed Forces in operation
  • The Navy in operation
  • Use of simulators for pilots in Germany
  • 5G, Benefits and Advantages for Bundeswehr in operation
  • Real Time Simulation and feedback with adjustment of the plan execution,
    considering the specific mission requirements of Land operations (remote, mobile, joint)
  • Resilience concept for the special forces of the military police and
    special forces of the police and the Bundeswehr (QR)
  • Interview/reporting on current focal points of the AIRBUS company
  • Status of the Eurofighter conversion
  • Status of the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS)
  • Further development of the Army's Combat Training Center
  • VBS3 in the Army: Opportunities and risks of a training platform across all branches of armed service
  • The Military Technical Service for Land-bound Vehicle Systems, Pioneer and Troop Technology (WTD 41)
  • Land mobility of the future
  • Procurement of new vehicles for the Bundeswehr (Part 1- unprotected vehicles)
  • Experiences from the pandemic - Interview with Frank Leidenberger and Johannes Rosenboom, Materna
  • Surveillance and alarm systems