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Editorial Deadline: 28th September 2020 – Advertising Deadline: 7th October 2020 – Publishing Date: 22nd October 2020


  • Interview with General Jörg Vollmer, Commander of JFC Brunssum
  • Interview with Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow, Commander 1st (German/Netherlands) Corps Münster
  • Report from the DWT's 22nd Naval Workshop
  • The German Navy's Early Experiences gained with Class F 125 Frigate
  • Preview: EUROPEAN ROTORS - International Conference and Exhibition
  • Preview: AFCEA trade exhibition 2021
  • Introduction and Current Priorities of the Bundeswehr Technical Center 91
  • Shoulder-Mounted Systems for the Infantry
  • Deployable Command and Reporting Center – Challenge and opportunity
    for defence outside Germany
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of the German Air Force – Status, Current Missions, Outlook
  • Gunnery Training of the Armoured Troops
  • Future training at the Army' Combat Training Centre
  • Electronic Patient File
  • Unification of the IT / Networking with Operating Devices and Displays
  • The Mobile Tactical Information Network
  • Sensor-to-Shooter Communication System
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces and their Reserve System
  • Clothing with vector protection