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Zug/SWITZERLAND, 27 May 2019 – THIELMANN is pleased to announce that after a period of transition, THIELMANN WEW will be rebranded as the defense business line of THIELMANN in September 2019.

The business line will continue to be represented by a specialist defense team at its existing facilities in Weitefeld, Germany, where it has been based for more than two decades.

thielmann defense


As part of the THIELMANN company, the defense team will serve its new and existing military and expeditionary customers around the world with market-leading, deployable fuel and water solutions for forward deployed operations and expeditionary logistics. Over the three-year transition period, THIELMANN has focused on incorporating WEW’s defense capabilities into its wider container solutions portfolio, while bolstering the unit’s financial position and strengthening its market position with the signing of new contracts and development. A major focus of the defense line’s evolution has been the establishment of a strong team at Weitefeld. The business line is led by Falko Pfeuffer, Head of Defense, with the support of a knowledgeable team including Branislav Jurisic, Deputy head of Defense; Ulrich Bernhardt, Chief Representative Government; and Daniel Jahn, Head of Project Management. The team is supported by Tanya Collier-Jackson, Proposal Manager; and a team of specialist designers, engineers, technicians and production staff.

The Weitefeld facility has also undergone significant investment and modernization, with updated equipment and tooling to enable it to support its growing order book and provide integrated logistics services, while strengthening its capacity to innovate on new products to support its customers as they face the fuel and water logistics challenges of the coming decades.

“We acquired WEW Container Systems GmbH in 2016 knowing that its water and fuel capabilities would perfectly fit with our goal: to become a true one-stop shop for each and every need within the container industry, supplying containers with storage capacity between five and 50,000 liters,” Bernd Loeser, CEO, THIELMANN said. “With our carefully selected Weitefeld team and upgraded facilities, THIELMANN now has a specialist capacity to support military and expeditionary customers globally, providing durable mobile fuel and water logistic solutions that increase autonomy and minimize environmental impact.

“This is something we are immensely proud of and is reflected in the investment we have put into establishing the strongest possible team of defense experts at Weitefeld, backed by the knowledge and expertise of one of the world’s leading container companies.”

“As a full business unit of THIELMANN, we are looking forward to the next stage in our evolution as the market leader of tailored, modular water and fuel solutions for defense and expeditionary customers worldwide,” Falko Pfeuffer, Head of Defense, commented. “We have gone from strength to strength over the past three years and I am excited to lead the team into new market areas as we look to the future.”

The team has already established a number of new partnerships as it looks to support its customers in new ways, including fully integrated and scalable fuel and water base camp infrastructure capabilities, last tactical mile support and the ‘containerization of the forces’ re-deployable infrastructure necessary for temporary and remote bases.

“We strive to innovate in these areas while continuing to support our existing customer base, which includes the German, US, British, Austrian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Irish and Belgian armed forces, among others, with our mobile and re-deployable ‘drop and go’ water and fuel capabilities,” Pfeuffer added.
THIELMANN is a one-stop shop for each and every need within the stainless steel container industry, supplying containers with storage capacity between five and 80,000 liters.

THIELMANN IBCs and tank containers have approvals for transporting more than 1,800 hazardous liquids, toxic gases and dry-powder bulk worldwide. Within the defense market, THIELMANN supplies and supports tailored modular water and fuel solutions for defense forces worldwide, including the German, US, British, Austrian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Irish and Belgian armed forces, under its THIELMANN WEW brand. THIELMANN WEW will become a fully integrated business unit of THIELMANN in September 2019. As the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers, THIELMANN delivers unsurpassed container expertise that customers have trusted and depended on for more than 275 years.

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