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PELI Products main goal is to support Emergency Services and Military for the current crisis

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Barcelona, April 2020 – Over the past 40 years Peli Products, the leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, has seen a significant evolution in its capability and capacity to research, design, develop and manufacture world leading products. This evolution was born out of the need to solve a particular set of problems faced by military personnel, first responders, law enforcement officers and those working in the scientific and medical industries.

Today, these industries are facing much greater challenges that look vastly different from those of just a few short months ago. By continuing to closely collaborate with Military and Emergency Services as well as Healthcare and Medical Device Manufacturers, Peli continues its aforementioned evolution by delivering innovative solutions that meet today’s challenges in those industries.

“Being a leader means being present when it is most needed. PELI Products’ manufacturing, which is based in the U.S. and Germany, is unabated, with finished goods well stocked and ready to ship to fill urgent orders. Its production and supply chain has not been affected by the current global situation, and therefore, Peli is uniquely placed to supply products to support the professionals in these industries so that they may be able to focus on attending to those most in need and save lives during the crisis” says Piero Marigo, Managing Director for PELI Products.

The Manufacturer fastly responds to urgent needs during this unprecedented global period with protective cases and advanced portable lighting solutions.

Dustproof, Crushproof, and Water Resistant Cases for First Aid supplies and Medical Kits

Now more than ever, emergency services professionals need to count on the most reliable equipment. Peli proudly supports healthcare professionals by improving efficiency and ensuring critical equipment arrives fully operational with our versatile EMS cases and shockproof medical device transport cases.

pelican fire air case 1465ems 01 web

Foto: ©Peli/Maximiliano Rotunno

Weighing in at under 6 kilograms (empty) and crushproof, the Peli EMS case minimizes strain while protecting vital medical supplies without weighing you down. When every second counts, you can depend on Peli™ EMS cases to keep you moving through the harshest terrain.

Medical chests to store small tools and medical supplies for field hospitals

Peli medical chests‘ rotationally moulded shell keeps all your supplies dry, dust free, and secure. There is ample storage room for all the bulk items such as gauze, solvents, large prescription bottles and IV fluids. First responders and emergency services professionals can be assured that all their medical supplies will be secure, organized and at arms reach.

Field desks for emergency centers in field hospitals and security checkpoints

Portable field desks are extremely valuable during the rapid deployment of emergency centers, field hospitals and security checkpoints. Peli-Hardigg field desks are lightweight and chemical-resistant and fold into one durable shipping container to become mobile in an instant. The field desks come with an attachable table, providing a large and flat work surface with a number of drawers of different sizes and a sturdy field chair. This comfortable chair includes a backrest and can be folded and stored in the lid in seconds.

pelican application image military 136 web

Foto: ©Peli/Maximiliano Rotunno

Portable emergency lights for field hospitals and security checkpoints

Peli proudly supports emergency and military services with quickly deployable, portable Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS), which are crucial during this unprecedented time in which the world finds itself today. Portable, silent, and lightweight, these emergency lighting towers provide increased performance and safer working conditions. Portability, a long run-time and easy setup makes them ideal for field hospitals, triage areas, command centers and temporary shelter lighting. Now you can keep your efforts moving through the night.

pelican application image military 135 web

Foto: ©Peli/Maximiliano Rotunno

PELI™ RALS: Energy-efficient, Self-Contained Portable Floodlights
Extremely powerful, rechargeable lighting for your work area without the use of cables or generators. With up to 24.000 lumens and a run time that lasts up to 24 hours, features include multiple heads, multi-position deployable masts with 360º rotating heads and swappable battery.

PELI™ 9600 LINEAR LIGHT: The First Linear Lighting Without Dark Spots
Now it’s easy to light up field hospitals, triage areas, and check points that stretch out over large areas without the hassles of conventional heavyweight light towers. The Peli™ 9600 Linear Light allows you to connect multiple light heads from one power source and eliminates dark spots thanks to the specialist optics.

For more information please check: www.peli.com/eu/en/professional/disaster-preparedness-gear

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