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WEW at Eurosatory 2018 Hall 6, stand #733 on the German Pavilion

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Weitefeld/Germany, 7 th June 2018 – WEW, a THIELMANN company, has been awarded a contract by the Belgian Ministry of Defence to deliver 36 Deployable Fuel Distribution Capacity (DFDC) tank containers to the Belgian Army.

The contract was signed with the Belgian procurement authority in October 2016. Deliveries commenced in September 2017 and continued through to May 2018. The double-shell DFDC was developed by WEW to meet the Belgian Army’s requirements in response to an open competition. The 8,000L fuel container system is designed to provide an autonomous, mobile, deployable system able to dispense diesel or kerosene directly into vehicles or other containers via twin dispensing hose reels with 12m hose each and a 3” NATO standard drybreak coupling.

The system is integrated into a 20ft standard ISO container frame and will be transported on existing Belgian Army trucks and trailers. It is compatible with the hook lift system employed by the Belgian Army. Each tank container is equipped with overfill protection and level sensors, an electric power generator GENSET (6 kVA, 400/230 V, 50 Hz), and pump able to dispense fuel at 280 – 300 L/min at maximum flow rate. Other technical features include transfer pumping and tank self-load/unloading capability.

WEW has expanded its deployable fuel and water storage and distribution system portfolio with two new products designed to maximise affordability for the customer.

The FSD-10 Fuel Storage and Dispensing Unit and the WSD-10 Water Storage and Dispensing Unit have been developed with affordability in mind. To achieve this, the units are fitted onto DIN 30722-1 PLS/DROPS compatible “A-frames”, creating low profile systems that retain the handling capabilities of the WEW full frame systems. The overall dimensions of the systems allow transport inside a standard ISO box container for full intermodality. Both systems serve forward area/general support fuel and water supply for operators in the military, peacekeeping and disaster relief applications in the toughest environments. The FSD-10 delivers up to 10,000L of diesel, gasoline or aviation fuel for forward area or command level fuel supply. The demountable system is compatible with forklift or crane handling systems, and can be transported by 3, 4 and 5-axle logistics vehicles with/without onboard hook lift. The system has a gross weight of 15,000kg and operating pressure of 0.45 bar. Capable of operating with temperature range of -40 -+ 49 ºC, the unit has an integrated 50-280 LPM pumping system and can be tailored to meet customer requirements with onboard power generator, fuel filtration and self-filling capability, 1-4 dispensing hosereels, mechanical or electronic flow metres, insulation or heating system. Telemetry options are also available.

The WSD-10 delivers up to 10,000L of drinking and non-potable water for forward area or command-level water supply. With integrated 20-200 LPM pumping system, the system is transportable by 4×4 up to 8×8 logistics vehicles and is crane and forklift handling system compatible. A further variant, the WSD-10-FF has been specially designed with the firefighting and emergency services in mind. This unit, incorporating German “Feuerwehr”-approved pumping and mixing equipment is intended to provide ready supplies of water where hydrant/river access may not be immediately available. Optional equipment includes foam and suppressant concentrate storage and mixing, together with a high-volume pump. With a max gross weight of 15,000kg, the system has a number of available options to meet customer requirements, including onboard power generator, insulation/heating options for sub-zero operations, self-filling capability, spigot stand, UV radiation and clean-in-place tank internal cleaning.

Hippo unit 1 klein

WEW, a THIELMANN company, has signed a $27.5 million contract to supply new Hippo water container systems to the US Army. The company will supply 241 units under the contract, with delivery to begin within three months. All units will be delivered within 12 months of the contract signing. At full rate production the WEW Weitefeld facility will produce one unit per day.

The Hippo water system has been in use with the US Army since 2003. WEW was part of the team that supplied 1,400 units between 2003 and 2013. These systems are still in use with the army, supporting deployed units around the world. The new Hippo systems will be identical in form, fit and function to the original design. With a capacity of 7,700 litres (2,000 US gal), Hippo is a self-contained, ‘drop and go’ drinkable water storage and distribution system fitted within a standard 20ft ISO frame. With integrated heating, pumping and diesel engine systems, Hippo can pump 125 gallons per minute and can be transported on existing US Army Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) logistics vehicles. It is compatible with Load Handling Systems and requires no site preparation prior to its deployment.

The Hippo water systems will fulfil an ‘unusual and compelling urgency’ requirement of the US Army, with the contract placed under the US European Re-Assurance Initiative program.

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